Slaughtering pigeons is just for losers

From the East they are coming: Moscow’s KATALEPSY are a big name and a guarantee for best quality in the world of brutal death metal. With “Gravenous Hour” KATALEPSY released a killer album this year, that was promoted already with a tour through Western Europe. Groovy and merciless as fuck the band is returning just for three shows next week, one stop is Eastclub Bischofswerda. MORBVS MAXIMVS. Where else? To get a few points of view, we talked to vocal acrobat Igor.

MM: So, KATALEPSY have done already full assault to middle Europe this year. How was it so far being abroad and playing couple of big festivals?

Igor: Hey, for sure that was amazing time as always. We like to play in Europe and be a part of the great community. That’s pleasure to meet a lot of old friends and find new ones, to play in cities we have never played before and to share our music with all the death metal fans. I’m writing the words and experiencing the nostalgia about that time. We miss our brothers from UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION (that was a pure pleasure to tour with them), all the parties and the fun before, after and during the shows.

MM: Brutal Death Metal is just a worldwide scene, but are there any differences, any specialties you like to experience when you are heading Europe, especially Germany?

Igor: Yes, sure, we feel the specifics concerning to different countries but in general metalheads are metalheads everywhere and the only thing joining us is the love to extreme music. That is the main core and for sure the core is hard as f**k! If we talk about Germany it’s the place with a lot of super death metal bands and the sickest supporters who can slam with no rest all the day and even longer. Love those sickos so much!
MM: How is the situation for extreme music in Russia nowadays?

Igor: It’s not as wide as the German one: There are not so many people who love the music and are willing to support it, there are not this kind of amazing summer open airs, there are not so many bands which are well-known all over the world. But nevertheless, I can see the development. The scene becomes stronger and that’s very interesting to follow and even more – be a part of that. I don’t like to predict things but let’s just see what will be in a couple of years.

MM: How do you experience the political conflicts between the East and the West, how much you are aware of an upcoming cold war theatre? Is it impairing, is it restraining the band in its work? Is there maybe any mission behind KATALEPSY?

Igor: It’s 21st century but people still don’t understand one quite obvious rule to survive on the planet: Unity is the only way to be happy and to live in peace and prosperity. That’s sad. Sure, we’re aware about everything happening around us but never follow negative destructible things. That’s not for us! We’re trying to make the world a bit better with playing our music in which there is no way for dirty politics and all kinds of prejudice. We prefer to talk about darkness and magical black light of unknown foggy galaxies – haha!
Sure, we feel the outcome of all the actions in the world but that is not a reason to stop doing what we do.

MM: What do you expect from your upcoming short trip?

Igor: We expect to see a lot of people and have a lot of fun together with our European brothers and sisters. That’s all we need for successful tour.
MM: What is real morbid in your point of view?

Igor: For sure there are a lot of morbid things but I prefer not to think and even to talk about those and wish just only positive ones to all who read the short interview and to you, my friend. Thanks a lot, see you soon… in the moshpit!

Karsten Richter