Love songs for the end of humanity

FISTULA is definitely no homage to the beauty of life. FISTULA is basically an evil, disgusting and perverted statement to our rotten world, praising the ugliness of our lifestyle. To listen to FISTULA means facing hate, anger and aggression. There are not that many bands like FISTULA showing us in this way how fucking morbid humanity is acting. Let’s say GRIME, their recent tour mates, is one these bands speaking an equal language. It’s an honour to welcome both acts in a couple of days to our lovely hippie festival: love and peace and flowers and sunshine and kissing and…

In order to catch a few statements from the band were sending a few questions right before FISTULA jumped into the plane to fly high above the big water.


MM: It’s first time for FISTULA conquering Europe. Besides the appearance on 2015’s edition of ROADBURN festival FISTULA never stepped on European ground. So basically this is just something special for the band that exists already almost twenty years now. How does it feel crossing the big water for a couple of weeks for completely chaos and disorder? What do you expect to experience?

FISTULA: To be playing Europe is extremely special to us for many reasons: the people, the culture. It’s so much cooler than the US. We want to experience the fans and way of life out here and play heavy music every night with our brothers. Pretty simple. It’s amazing anyone even gives a shit about our band … so yes, it means a lot to us. I am very grateful for the fans and in particular Walter from ROADBURN, Luuk Van Gestel from DOOMSTAR Bookings, Richard Postma from TARTARUS Records … and our brothers in GRIME …. it’s because of these fine people that we are able to be here in this capacity.

MM: Compared to the US is Europe just a little piece of something with short distances to travel? I mean, right after the trip through middle Europe and a few Scandinavian places you are heading to travel through quite many different federal states in the US. How you’ll manage this trip and are you used to do tours like this?

FISTULA: Yes! Well, after Europe we worked with MIGNIGHT COLLECTIVE and Ryan Avery to make our first tour out west after coming off a first proper Euro tour to support our two new records. We figured while we were out, we might as well make it the best tour that we could.

No, we don’t normally tour this much at all. We all work day jobs and it’s tough to schedule things with Dan living in Massachusetts, but it seems we are playing live, touring and recording more and more naturally. We will get off the plane from Europe to home, then rehearse for four days with our brother David Szulkin on second guitar then load our gear in the van and start the US portion of the tour.

MM: In the first place ACCEPT DEATH, a band several FISTULA members were active in, was supposed to join that trip to Europe. Why it didn’t work out?

FISTULA: ACCEPT DEATH is working on a new record and we have Pat from HEMDALE playing with us, so he had school and couldn’t take time off; so maybe next year.

MM: Now the Italians of GRIME will be your room mates for the next weeks. Will you infiltrate them with American lifestyle? Actually, how American you are? How much unhealthy food we have to provide to make you, well, happy? By the way, how much love and happiness is there in FISTULA?

FISTULA:  Well, as far as how American are we!? I’d say all of us are of European descent … so I’d say the only thing American about us is that we live in USA. Haha, we love European food … and shitty fast food too! As far as infiltrating the GRIME dudes with American culture, there is no need. They are cool as they are, we are having a great time with them on tour so far, and they are super cool guys and a heavy fucking dark band that we really admire as people and musicians. How much love is in FISTULA? Quite a bit actually – it’s just all of the human race we hate.

MM: Good issue to continue. Following the news about the upcoming elections and this Trump madness is causing disapproval and disgust. It’s fucking insane and very morbid what’s going on there, at least what our media is reflecting about. How do you experience the election campaign?

FISTULA: As far as the politics – we prefer to not get involved with the shit show it has become. And yes, it has become a circus – almost laughable. We just worry about our day to day and focus on our music and try to avoid all the political distractions … even though it’s good for an occasional laugh.

MM: “Longing For Infection” was just released this July. If I am good in counting it’s the seventh full album so far. Next to these records there are many splits, EPs and 7inches. That just gives the impression you like to publish records. Will you have something special on this trip to offer?

FISTULA: Yes, seven sounds about right, haha! “Longing For Infection” was really fun to record. Big Metal Dave Johnson did a great job on the engineering – as always. After some lineup changes we went back into the studio and recorded another album: „Shape Of Doom To Cum)))”. So we’re touring with some of the songs from that album that haven’t been released yet. And yes, we do like releasing music. That’s really what it’s all about for us in the end. We love writing, recording and listening to music. We just try to stay as busy as we can and push ourselves to do more. And we are looking forward to seeing and playing with all the bands on the bill of MORBVS MAXIMVS – the lineup is, by the way, sick and we are grateful to be a part of something so cool.

MM: Basic but last question: Where do you like your fistulas, and what’s the best way to cure them?

FISTULA: Well, nobody wants a fistula, trust me. We got the name from our first bass player who got stabbed in the kidney at a show and needed dialysis until he got a new kidney. So he had a big fistula on his arm from the dialysis machine. It was pretty brutal.

MM: Go ahead with that kind of stories; we have a couple of freaks in here who love that kind of stuff.

Karsten Richter