Dead pillows don’t cry anymore

Well, another great band to discover for those who haven’t been heard about these Czech dudes named BRUTALLY DECEASED yet. But those who know about surely love the band already. Starting in a way as a worshipping scenario for more or less Stockholm sounds of the early nineties, BRUTALLY DECEASED provided in 2010 with their first record “Dead Lover’s Guide” an evidence for how deep love can go … But meanwhile they took their pants on and moved their asses forward to … well, let’s leave these answer to guitar grinder Štembus, whom we met somewhere in worldwide space.

MM: In this year‘s August on DOOMENTIA Records the third BRUTALLY DECEASED Album “Satanic Corpse” came to light. In my ears the band’s third step is in its general view still strongly reflecting past and present of Swedish death metal. But diving deeper into the band’s current sound, you are facing much more diversity – up from real raging moments to even MAIDEN like guitar fights. At all the songs become with every turn better and better and the listener is endangered to get addicted to this well placed melodic lines reminding me very much of early ARCH ENEMY and first DISMEMBER. How you would describe the band’s recent step? Where you would place the differences to your previous records? And well, where the left “left hand path” is leading to in general?

Štembus: It would be quite a nonsense to claim we are not guilty of more than healthy admiration for the sound and the overal aesthetic of 90s Scandinavian death metal. Yet don‘t let the HM-2 fool you. In my opinion, our first record does not sound like the last one, there are many other influences which, I believe, are more and more audible. Maybe they are hidden in the general scheme of things for ears of an uneducated listener but once you take the specific distortion away, one will be able to identify more and more nuances which just do not fit into a “worship“ scenario.

We are all heavily into US death metal scene. IMMOLTAION, ANGELCORPSE, you name it. Obviously, DISMEMBER is one of our favourite acts but sometimes the production of our albums is the only Swedish thing you hear in the particular riff. Comparing to the debut, “Black Infernal Vortex“ was a sort of transition to more complex song structures and we allowed ourselves to compose more out of the box (for a given style). Similarly, many of “Satanic Corpse“ riffs are inspired and driven by forces beyond traditional patterns of Scandinavia, too. So where is it leading? The left hand path is a tricky road to walk thus no one knows. I am sure that the proclaimed worship stage is somehow behind us.

MM: How you are considering the current death metal scene? Is there any pro or contra being a Czech band for getting attention, gigs or promotion in general? How the Czech scene is nowadays working?

Štembus: For a bunch of random dudes “from the East” we are doing more than fine, I guess. Being a Czech act playing a non-typical genre for the location maybe gives us some additional buzz. But hey, we are in the age of globalization – just take a look at the YT charts. Today, even kids and teenagers are able to win the world domination from their bloody bed rooms, so location of a band is no longer an issue or virtue any more.

The second part of your question is rather tricky. I don’t want to sound like a douche bag but I dare to claim that there is barely such a thing as a Czech scene, speaking of death metal. It’s more or less a collection of a few younger capable acts and some senior bands of variable quality. But we get along very well with each other; it’s a very friendly environment in general.

MM: With “Black Infernal Vortex”, your second album, you were moving to DOOMENTIA Records, one of the most important Czech labels for quality death metal and related sounds. Do you feel you are in good hands? Is there coming also a vinyl version of the new album?

Štembus: Yep, we are in good hands indeed. DOOMENTIA Records is the best possible label for a band like us, Lukáš is doing a great job, particularly regarding the international promotion. As we speak, layout of the vinyl version is about to be finished, so all the old school addicts are free to bang the rest of their salaries on the black stuff.

MM: Personally I’ve seen BRUTALLY DECEASED just once live on stage, a couple of years ago already. This has been very intense and convincing. But meanwhile, what was changing, what can people expect coming to your shows?

Štembus: We’re glad you enjoyed the show. It’s still the same business all the time. On our part, one can always expect A-grade metal, B-grade stage jokes and C-grade Slav humour in the merchandise area. Due to popular demand, we also offer pro-level drinking workshop and air guitar lessons.

MM: For “Satanic Corpse” you worked again with the Italian painter Paolo Girardi, who did a real great job in creating the perfect character. He already painted the cover of your previous record. How this cooperation works? Is that guy even into your music?

Štembus: As everyone can see, Paolo is a goddamned freak when it comes to his craft but he is really a cool guy to work with. Honestly, we love this dude. When we saw his art for the first time, there were no arguments whatsoever about who the duck is about to paint our cover. Cooperation works like this (*ta-daa*): Paolo gets the album title, tracklist and, surprisingly enough, he is provided with the songs themselves – that‘s it. Both covers he has done for us are made by using his imagination only, the beast unchained. No instructions or directions needed, both art works are masterpieces. Music-wise, Paolo is more into traditional heavy metal yet one can guess that he approves all kinds of the devil´s music.

MM: What is your definition of “morbid”?

Štembus: To drink too much potato bourbon and cherry liqueur, sleep for three hours and then face the dude in the mirror. Kinda beyond morbid at times. But one got used to it, heavy metal takes no prisoners.

MM: What a band like BRUTALLY DECEASED is dreaming of?

Štembus: The word “dreaming” sounds too romantic. You don’t really want me to cry into the pillow, do you? Since we are quite down-to-earth people, we have no real dreams in the sense of naïve fantasies about being the best fokin metal band in the known universe and being forever paid in Weissbier and grandpa’s sausages until the light takes us. Let’s say we hope that we are going to enjoy this little death metal thing and perform our best as long as it gets before we hit the old folks home!

MM: So in that way let’s have a look for our grandfathers‘ sausages; these Czech dudes might feel any lust for long hanged and cold meat.

Karsten Richter